Darkest of Days: Console Commands

Darkest of Days is a first-person shooting video game published by Phantom EFX and developed by 8monkey Labs. The game was launched on December 30, 2010, for different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Mac OS X. The plot of the darkest of days is about the player controls Alexander Morris, a soldier combating in popular Custer’s battalion during the battle of a little huge horn at the start of the game. after Custer is killed and Morris is wounded he’s all of sudden rescued by using a person in futuristic armor and taken via an atypical portal.

A list of various Console Commands

Darkest of Days: Console Commands


Open the console and type in the prefix for the list of commands you wish to see.

Example: Type “set render” then press tab, to the list of all ‘render’ commands.

The prefixes i’ve found so far are:
– “clear”
– “set player”
– “set render”

Some of the most useful commands are:

– “set player.fov x” (the value is vertical. use a fov calulator to get the horizontal value)
– “set render.gui 0” Removes the HUD (replace 0 with 1 to turn on again)
– “set render.post 0” Removes Post Process effects (individual effects can be turned off independently of each other. see picture below)

Here’s a list of the various commands



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