Haydee 2 Cheats All Item Unlocked (Mod)

Haydee 2 is about a female protagonist who is locked and lost in a complex, she does not have any idea what is going on and how she will survive and get out of it. It is a very advanced form of any maze game which comes with 6 themed sections and 160 rooms filled with dangerous enemies puzzles and hidden items where you can get help from different things such as guns, wits, and item management. You have to come out strong or give up.

Haydee 2 Cheats

Haydee 2 Cheats (Complete Steps)

Added all items necessary to pass to any premises in the game.
Use at your discretion. To gain achievements, for example.
Mod: https://yadi.sk/d/XKlZMjS3CVVEaA Unpack archive and catalog Maps copy to catalog with the installed game: Steam\steamapps\common\Haydee 2
Copy with file replacement. To roll back, save the D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Haydee 2\Maps\NSola7\Engineering\N7_ENG_Save.edith file to a different location and then check it back in if you want to delete the chit.

After you copy the file into the game you need to compile them with Edith:

Haydee 2 Cheats

Then open the given map

Haydee 2 Cheats

After that press Compile

Haydee 2 Cheats

And then save the map.

Haydee 2 Cheats

So this is the All Items Unlocked cheat for Haydee 2, enjoy it.

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