Horace Cheats, Minigames & Hacker Achievement

Horace is a story driven adventure game developed by Sean Scaplehorn, Paul Helman and published by 505 Games. The game was launched on July 18, 2019 for platforms such as Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. Horace come with a flavor of nostalgia, popular subculture references with a purpose to convey a smile to any gamer who enjoys the eight and 16 bit era. learn how to master your strongest robot abilities and reunite Horace together with his long-lost circle of relatives.

Horace Cheats

Table of Contents

  • 20 (message)
  • 175 (invincibility)
  • 321 (shields)
  • 53280 (border color)
  • 53281 (background color)
  • PEEK #
POKE (Cheats!)

In BASIC the POKE command is used to change the contents of a specified memory location.

In Horace you can POKE the following memory locations:

  • 175 (gives invincibility for X seconds)
  • 321 (gives X shields)
  • 53280 (changes border color to X)
  • 53281 (changes background color to X)

Usage (# is the memory location and X is a number):

  • POKE #,X
LOAD (Minigames!)

In BASIC the LOAD command is used to load something (duh :)).

To see what you can load, type the following:

  • LOAD $
  • LIST

You will now have the option to load any of the following minigames:


To load and play a minigame (# is the game you wish to load):

  • LOAD “#”
  • RUN
Bonus: Hacker Achievement

Type in the following to get the “Hacker” achievement:

  • 10 PRINT “Hello world!”
  • 20 GOTO 10
  • RUN

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