HROT Cheats Codes & Console Guide (Commands)

HROT is a single-player game based on the retro FPS. The game is located in a small country near Soviet Union (Czechoslovakia) after a disaster takes place in 1986 in the country, the game is based on dark which includes violence and mature content.

You will start the game in a civil defense shelter deep which is located in a Prague Metro station. As you are a proud holder of the military readiness badge, you will find what your duty actually is: placed on a non-functioning gas mask, load the vz. 52 pistol and protect the peace and your socialist homeland from the strange intruders.

HROT Console Cheat

Table of Contents

How to enable HROT cheats?

  1. Load any level and open console with
  2. Then type a cheat code and press enter

Cheat Codes

  • gott – God mode
  • zizka – All weapons, full ammo
  • pionyr – Gives motorcycle
  • klice – Gives all three keys
  • pistolnik – Gives second pistol (does not give you an achievement)
  • lecba – Max health and armor
  • kouba – Unlocks entire minimap (press M to see minimap)As of 02 FEB 2021, using cheat codes does not prevent you from getting achievements in the Endless game mode.

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