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Rise of Nations is a real time strategy video game published by Microsoft Game Studios and developed by Big Huge Games. Rise of Nations designed by a special team lead by Brian Reynolds. Rise of Nations gameplay based around the idea of “territory”. the area near the player’s settlements is considered their territory, and players may additionally most effective construct homes within their territory or that of an best friend (excluding the Lakota). A country’s borders may be expanded by way of the creation and enlargement of towns and forts, a technology tree, and obtaining get right of entry to to sure rare resources.

Rise of Nation Extended Edition Cheats

These cheat only work in Single Player mods not in multiplayer

Table of Contents

Simple Cheats

These cheats are basically ones which you’d most probable use frequently in recreation, you can also spawn in cars, tanks, and infantry, but we’ll get to that in only a second.

I can list all of those cheats down beneath, so then you may simply reproduction and paste them into the chat, and then it’s less complicated to put in cheats via pasting it in.

cheat resource all+100000000
cheat nuke
cheat age (age you want)
cheat victory
cheat finish (finishes selected building(s) or next item in queue)
cheat ally (insert what nation you want)
cheat peace (insert what nation you want)
cheat diff (0-5)
cheat sandbox (sets all players to human controlled)
cheat ai (on/off/debug)

Spawning In Units Cheats

These cheats are for spawning in units you want to spawn in, these cheats are very useful, and you can spawn devices anywhere you’d like, it simplest subjects in which you spawn them at, you may even spawn them inner a nation’s borders, and then you may have a easier siege and ambush them quick.

I’ll list those cheats down beneath this newsletter, so it’s less complicated with a purpose to pick out what you want to replicate.
P.s. you can additionally just exchange the number “50”, you can insert any range for a way plenty devices you’d like.

cheat safe (adds MG infantry and other units around capital)
cheat add 50 infantry
cheat add 50 helicopters
cheat add 50 attack (helicopters)
cheat add 50 tanks
cheat add 50 main (tanks)
cheat add 50 rocket
cheat add 50 armored (cars)
cheat add czin (adds god of death)
cheat add glass horror (adds glass of horror)

This is as much detail i can give you, stay tuned!

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