Risk of Rain 2 Cheat

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person shooting video published by Gearbox Publishing. and developed by Hopoo Games. The game is the sequel to its first part Risk of Rain which gets very popular. The game was launched on August 11, 2020, for different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

Players control a survivor who is stuck and gets helpless on an alien planet. to survive, they navigate through various environments, killing monsters and looting chests to gather objects that raise their offensive and defensive competencies. over time, the game’s trouble will increase, spawning greater powerful and threatening creatures. the game supports up to 4 gamers in on line multiplayer. the sport received usually high-quality evaluations upon launch.

Risk of Rain 2 Cheat

1) Navigate to your steam userdata folder [C:\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\userdata\[Number]\632360\remote\UserProfiles]

2) Edit the file in the folder with notepad++ (Or notepad)

3) Find the line near the top that says [achievementsList]

4) Remove all text inside it

5) Type in the space where the text was

KillBossQuick KillEliteMonster CompleteTeleporter
CompleteTeleporterWithoutInjury MajorMultiKill AttackSpeed StayAlive1
CompleteThreeStages Discover10UniqueTier1 MoveSpeed LoopOnce Discover5Equipment
FailShrineChance TotalMoneyCollected RepeatFirstTeleporter
CompleteMultiBossShrine Die5Times Complete20Stages Complete30StagesCareer
CompleteUnknownEnding KillTotalEnemies FreeMage HardHitter MaxHealingShrine
TotalDronesRepaired LogCollector Discover5Equipment RepeatedlyDuplicateItems
CarryLunarItems CompleteUnknownEnding Die5Times ChargeTeleporterWhileNearDeath
CompleteThreeStagesWithoutHealing RepeatFirstTeleporter KillElementalLemurians
CompletePrismaticTrial CompleteMultiBossShrine HardEliteBossKill FindDevilAltar
FindTimedChest FindUniqueNewtStatues TotalDronesRepaired SuicideHermitCrabs

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