Shotgun Farmers: Unlockable Codes

Shotgun Farmers is an online multiplayer shooting game for people who love shooting the old school guns. You need to fire your bullets into the ground for the planting of the ammo. You must grab all the deadly crops by the bullets you planted and your enemies. You can also plant a sniper as well. Harvest weapon plants quickly for more ammo. You can fight your enemy in many different game modes that will change your gaming experience. You can even chase a chicken on the map of Chicken Run and you can also steal the enemy’s prized pig in.

Shotgun Farmers Cheats

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Entering Codes

To enter unlockable codes, go to customize, then “ENTER CODE” at the bottom.
Shotgun Farmers Cheats

tiktokbok gets you a bok bok profile badge.

Shotgun Farmers Cheats




tiktokmoo gets you a moo moo profile badge.

Shotgun Farmers Cheats




tiktokneigh gets you a horse profile badge.

Shotgun Farmers Cheats




tiktokoink gets you a pig profile badge.

Shotgun Farmers Cheats




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