Left 4 Dead 2: All Console Commands Guide

Left 4 Dead 2 is a first-person shooting survival horror game published and developed by Valve. Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel of Left 4 Dead as it was the successor. The game was launched in November 2009 for Windows and Xbox 360 and in October 2010 for Mac OS X and Linux. Left 4 Dead 2 builds upon cooperatively centered gameplay and valve’s proprietary supply engine, the equal recreation engine used within the authentic Left 4 Dead 2. set at some stage in the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic, Left 4 Dead 2 focuses on 4 new survivors, preventing against hordes of zombies, referred to as the inflamed, who increase excessive psychosis and act extremely competitive.

Left 4 Dead 2: All Console Commands Guide

Enabling the console

To activate the console, allow developer console in the “options” menu under “Keyboard/Mouse.”
Left 4 Dead 2: All Console Commands Guide
At the same time, you can also enable the console under your launch options. To enable the console under the launch options. right click Left 4 Dead 2 under your games library. Select properties  from the drop down list. then pick widespread and launch alternatives. Pasting “-console”  inside  your launch options with enable your developer console.
Left 4 Dead 2: All Console Commands Guide

Left 4 Dead 2 Console Commands

  • Enable cheats – sv_cheats 1
  • Enable God – mode god 1
  • Enable noclip – noclip
  • Enable Incendiary Ammo upgrade – upgrade_add incendiary_ammo
  • Enable Explosive Ammo upgrade  – upgrade_add explosive_ammo
  • Enable infinite ammunition – sv_infinite_ammo 1
  • Refill health – give health
  • Refill ammo – give ammo
  • Refill ammo for primary weapon – Impulse 101
  • Spawn double pistol – give pistol
  • Spawn Magnum – give pistol_magnum
  • Spawn auto shotgun – give autoshotgun
  • Spawn chrome shotgun – give shotgun_chrome
  • Spawn pump shotgun – give pumpshotgun
  • Spawn SPAS shotgun – give shotgun_spas
  • Spawn SMG – give smg
  • Spawn silenced SMG – give smg_silenced
  • Spawn AK-47 – give rifle_ak47
  • Spawn M16 – give rifle
  • Spawn combat rifle – give rifle_desert
  • Spawn hunting rifle – give rifle_hunting
  • Spawn sniper rifle – give rifle_military
  • Spawn grenade launcher – give weapon_grenade_launcher
  • Spawn hunter claws – give melee
  • Spawn boomer bile – give vomitjar
  • Spawn chainsaw – give chainsaw
  • Spawn frying pan – give frying_pan
  • Spawn guitar – give electric_guitar
  • Spawn katana – give katana
  • Spawn machete – give machete
  • Spawn nightstick – give tonfa
  • Spawn molotov cocktail – give molotov
  • Spawn pipe bomb – give pipe_bomb
  • Spawn active pipe bomb beneath you – boom
  • Spawn propane tank – give propanetank
  • Spawn gascan – give gascan
  • Spawn oxygen tank – give oxygentank
  • Spawn first aid kit – give first_aid_kit
  • Spawn defibrillator – give defibrillator
  • Spawn adrenaline – give adrenaline
  • Spawn pain pills – give pain_pills
  • Spawn a common infected – z_spawn zombie
  • Spawn a horde – z_spawn mob
  • Spawn spitter – z_spawn spitter
  • Spawn jockey – z_spawn jockey
  • Spawn charger – z_spawn charger
  • Spawn boomer – z_spawn boomer
  • Spawn hunter – z_spawn hunter
  • Spawn witch – z_spawn witch
  • Spawn smoker – z_spawn smoker
  • Spawn tank – z_spawn tank
  • Enable received damage, but cannot die – budda 1
  • Enable bot friendly fire – sb_friendlyfire 1
  • Set amount of damage done to survivors – z_pounce_damage x
  • Change noclip speed – sv_noclipspeed x
  • Bot survivors shoot infinitely – open_fire
  • Change zombie health – z_health x
  • Change zombie speed – z_speed x
  • Change maximum smoker tongue range – tongue range x
  • Change how long a Witch can withstand fire  – z_witch_burn_time x
  • Toggle witch to change targets or focus on the survivor that first alerted her -z_witch_allow_change_victim x
  • Enable infinite panic event time – director_panic_forever 1
  • Force panic event – director_force_panic 1
  • Remove all bots – ent_remove
  • Change witch damage – z_witch_damage x
  • Change maximum common infected – z_common limitx
  • Change tank’s maximum health – z_tank_health x
  • Change number of seconds until player loses control of the tank from not attacking -survivors z_frustration_lifetime x
  • Change CEDA bile jar drop rate – sv_infected_ceda_vomitjar_probability x
  • Thirdperson – thirdperson
  • firstperson – firstperson
  • Over the shoulder – thirdperson thirdpersonshoulder
  • Toggle crosshair – crosshair 1
  • Suicide – explode
  • Disconnect – disconnect
  • Quit – quit

Map commands

Left 4 Dead Campaigns

The Sacrifice:
Docks: map c7m1_docks
Barge: map c7m2_barge
Port: map c7m3_port

No Mercy:
Apartments: map c8m1_apartment
Subway: map c8m2_subway
Sewers: map c8m3_sewers
Hospital: map c8m4_interior
Rooftop: map c8m5_rooftop

Crash Course:
The Alleys: map c9m1_alleys
The Truck Depot Finale: map c9m2_lots

Death Toll:
The Turnpike: map c10m1_caves
The Drains: map c10m2_drainage
The Church: map c10m3_ranchhouse
The Town: map c10m4_mainstreet
Boathouse Finale: map c10m5_houseboat

Dead Air:
The Greenhouse: map c11m1_greenhouse
The Crane: map c11m2_offices
The Construction Site: map c11m3_garage
The Terminal: map c11m4_terminal
Runway Finale: map c11m5_runway

Blood Harvest:
The Woods: map C12m1_hilltop
The Tunnel: map C12m2_traintunnel
The Bridge: map C12m3_bridge
The Train Station: map C12m4_barn
Farmhouse Finale: map C12m5_cornfield

Left 4 Dead 2 Campaigns

Cold Stream:
Alpine Creek: map c13m1_alpinecreek
South Pine Stream: map c13m2_southpinestream
Memorial Bridge: map c13m3_memorialbridge
Cut-Throat Creek: map c13m4_cutthroatcreek

Dead Center:
The Hotel: map c1m1_hotel
The Streets: map c1m2_streets
The Mall: map c1m3_mall
The Atrium: map c1m4_atrium

Dark Carnival:
The Highway: map c2m1_highway
The Fairgrounds: map c2m2_fairgrounds
The Coaster: map c2m3_coaster
The Barns: map c2m4_barns
The Concert: map c2m5_concert

Swamp Fever:
Plank Country: map c3m1_plankcountry
The Swamp: map c3m2_swamp
The Shantytown: map c3m3_shantytown
The Plantation: map c3m4_plantation

Hard Rain:
The Milltown: map c4m1_milltown_a
The Sugar Mill: map c4m2_sugarmill_a
Mill Escape: map c4m3_sugarmill b
Return to Town: map c4m4_milltown_b
Town Escape: map c4m5_milltown_escape

The Parish:
The Waterfront: map c5m1_waterfront
The Park: map c5m2_park
The Cemetery: map c5m3_cemetery
The Quarter: map c5m4_quarter
The Bridge: map c5m5_bridge

The Passing:
The Riverbank: map c6m1_riverbank
The Underground: map c6m2_bedlam
The Port: map c6m3_port

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