Total War: Warhammer 2 – Trainer +25 v1.11.1 (+THE TWISTED AND THE TWILIGHT) {}

Total War: Warhammer II is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics video game published by Sega and developed by Creative Assembly. The game was launched on 28 September 2017 for different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. Inside the marketing campaign, gamers move armies around the map and control settlements in a flip-based way. Players engage in diplomacy with, and fight against, AI-controlled factions.

Download Total War: Warhammer 2 – Trainer +25 v1.11.1

Activating this trainer

Press F1 at main menu.
Listen for ‘Trainer Activated’.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Promo Options

NumPad4: Unlimited Public Order
NumPad5: Fast Construct Buildings
Add: Unlimited Ammo
Subtract: Fast Spell Cooldowns
Decimal: Fast Magic Casting
Divide: Force Amber and Chivalry
F1: Game Speed
Currency: Influence
Controlled City: Growth
Selected Hero or Lord: Level
Faction Resource: Scrap Skaven Food Canopic Jars Oathgold Warden’s Supplies Prestige
Battle: WAAAGH! Power Points

Trainer Options

# Selected Unit on Map
NumPad1: Unlimited Movement

# Selected Unit
NumPad2: Replenish Army
NumPad3: Weaken Army

# Selected City
NumPad4: Unlimited Public Order

# Construction
NumPad5: Fast Construct Buildings
NumPad6: Fast Recruit Army Units

# Research
NumPad7: Fast Technology Completion
NumPad8: Remove Locks and Pre-Requisites on Technology

# Battles
NumPad9: Enable God Mode on Units In Battle
Multiply: No Fatigue In Battle
Add: Unlimited Ammo

# Magic in Battle
Subtract: Unlimited Winds of Magic
Decimal: Fast Spell Cooldowns
Divide: Fast Magic Casting

# Faction Resources
F1: Force Amber and Chivalry

# Gameplay
F2: Game Speed

Editor Options

# Currency

# Controlled City
Population Surplus

# Selected Hero or Lord
Skill Points

# Faction Resource
Scrap Skaven Food Canopic Jars Oathgold Warden’s Supplies Prestige

# Battle
WAAAGH! Power Points


Unlimited Public Order:
Click City to set Public Order to 1000.

Fast Construct Buildings:
Toggle on then start a construction of a city building or project and the time it takes is only 1 day.

Unlimited Ammo:
Toggle on and many units have unlimited ammo.

Fast Spell Cooldowns:
Fast Magic Casting:
Toggle on for effect in most spells and magic in battles.

Force Amber and Chivalry:
Toggle this on while being the Wood Elves, and your Amber total won’t actually change, but it will APPEAR as though you have more and the game will let you do things as if you actually have more Amber.  However, once you toggle the option off, OR if the trainer isn’t being used when you load the game later, your real Amber value will be displayed.  The Amber value is calculated by the territories you have conquered, so the real value is based on that.  Option likely works for Bretonnia Chivalry in a similar way.

Game Speed:
Toggle on to speed up the game.

Scrap Skaven Food Canopic Jars Oathgold Warden’s Supplies Prestige:
Many Resources are displayed here.

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